What do Alabama and Vermont have in common?

I was reading the news today and could hardly believe my eyes! Alabama and Vermont are tied for highest increase in food insecurity. New numbers from the USDA show that Vermont ranks #1 among the hungriest state in the country.

Federal agriculture officials say that the number of Vermont households running out of food has risen from 12.1% to 13.6%. That means nearly 82,000 Vermonters are now in need of food assistance. And the Vermont Foodbank says that’s a conservative estimate.

The state is ninth in the nation in the percentage of households with “very low food security,” at 6.2 percent. That means at least one member of those households went without sufficient food at times, and eating patterns were disrupted because money and other resources were lacking, according to Household Food Security in the US 2009, a report produced this month by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

The Vermont Foodbank distributed 7.6 million pounds of food last year to at least 86,000 Vermont residents.

Enrollment in 3SquaresVT, previously known as the food-stamps program, is at an all-time high, in part because of expansion of eligibility. About 88,000 state residents participate.

People who previously donated food are now the ones looking for help. I was going to write about something funny but this is no laughing matter. It seems Tuberville has a good idea in trying to feed Vermont, one potato at a time.



Vermont Campaign to End
Childhood Hunger

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