Friends, fans and follows

Now that I know a little more about potatoes and Tuberville’s mission, I have joined the cause. I may even grow a few potatoes, who knows. There are so many awesome folks that are working on the project and the number is growing every year. That’s exciting!

Also, did you hear about the Pepsi Refresh Project that Tuberville is involved in? By going to this link you can vote to give Tuberville $25,000 to help in there efforts.

You can also Vote from your mobile phone
Text* 103647 to
Pepsi (73774)

And you can follow Tuberville on Twitter @Tuberville, like them on their fan page on facebook, One Potato at a Time or become a friend of mine on facebook, Tommy Ballard.

I have follows on Twitter with names like JamButter, squashmaker, appleandthebee and TwoGuysinVT and I hope to make many more. Thank you all so much for your likes, follows and friending.

As always, if you have any interesting facts about potatoes, pictures of oddly shaped potatoes or suggestions for future blogs, you know, other stuff you’d like to know but don’t have the time research, leave a comment for me, Tommy B. from Tuberville and remember we can help to feed the world, one potato at a time.


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